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Law School's mission is to strengthen the academy in its three key areas: education, research and training. To achieve this goal need to be considered as permanent actions that must guide our daily work, the following:

  •  Train lawyers in different fields of knowledge of law, as well as teachers and doctors are highly trained, capable of exercising leadership in science, academic and social, whose opinions and suggestions are needed in the development regarding the new legal framework that society demands XXI century Mexican immersed in a globalized world and in an environment that is meant by the priority that has knowledge as a prerequisite for achieving the great challenges of justice, common good and peaceful coexistence.
  • Create, preserve, interpret and disseminate legal knowledge, it must for all higher education institutions related to legal education.
  • To train highly qualified teachers in the management of knowledge and new methods of teaching - learning that are based on the use of technology tools designed for that purpose.

Therefore the Division of Open University requires a legal vehicle for cultural dissemination on topics of interest to your community, such as current, the approach to problems, possible solutions, analysis and even criticism of the doctrine, laws and case law both in domestic law and in comparative law.

Whereas the current era of globalization where there is economic interdependence, political and cultural in the world and specifically in education so it recognizes that institutions of higher education must be in constant communication with the environment and the development of science law is proposed: the creation of the magazine called AMICUS CURIAE as a means of disseminating academic at the Open University, Faculty of Law at the UNAM.

Law Review "Amicus Curiae", Year IV No. 1, March-April 2011, is a bimonthly publication published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico through the Faculty of Law Division of the Open University and Distance Education, Ciudad Universitaria, Circuito Interior s / n. Del. Coyoacán C.P. 04510. Tel 56222222 Ext. 42022, e-mail, responsible editor Dr. Alma de los Ángeles Leonardo Ruiz and Vargas Rios Sepulveda Rights reserved for the exclusive use No. 04-2010-062414385900-203, ISSN: pending, responsible for the latest update of this number, Computer Center, Division of Open University and Distance Education, LI Armando Onofre Martinez Castillo Ignacio Larrañaga Bldg, Faculty of Law Ciudad Universitaria, Circuito Interior s / n. Del. Coyoacán C.P. 04 510 last modified date April 30, 2011.

The opinions expressed by authors do not necessarily leave the position of editor of the publication. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any part of the contents and images of the publication without permission of the Division of Open University and Distance Education, Faculty of Law.