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The open university division of the law faculty has an online journal called AMICUS CURIAE, which aims to make widely known the research papers, reflection and any contribution in legal matters.

AMICUS CURIAE is a legal term that finds its origins in Latin. Literally translated from Latin, it means “friend of the court” and refers to someone who has no relevance to any particular side in case. Instead they volunteer information regarding a point of law or something else relevant to the case that they feel may help the court in deciding a matter related to it. The division reiterates as well its compromise to its students, researchers and professors encouraging the study of law.

Dra. Alma de los Ángeles Rios Ruiz
Professor in chief of the Open University Division
Law Faculty


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División de Universidad Abierta de la Facultad de Derecho

Law Review "Amicus Curiae", Year IV No. 1, March-April 2011, is a bimonthly publication published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico through the Faculty of Law Division of the Open University and Distance Education, Ciudad Universitaria, Circuito Interior s / n. Del. Coyoacán C.P. 04510. Tel 56222222 Ext. 42022, e-mail, responsible editor Dr. Alma de los Ángeles Leonardo Ruiz and Vargas Rios Sepulveda Rights reserved for the exclusive use No. 04-2010-062414385900-203, ISSN: pending, responsible for the latest update of this number, Computer Center, Division of Open University and Distance Education, LI Armando Onofre Martinez, Traslation Alan Flandës Castillo Ignacio Larrañaga Bldg, Faculty of Law Ciudad Universitaria, Circuito Interior s / n. Del. Coyoacán C.P. 04 510 last modified date April 30, 2011.